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Standard MgO Board

Magnesium Oxide board (also called MGO board, MGO Panel, Fireproof board and so on.) is a multifunctional building material, with properties that give advantages in many construction structures.


MGO BOARD is mainly made of magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphate or magnesium chloride, perlite and wood fiber. As reinforcement, Meijing is using the high quality glass fiber mesh in the boards. Production takes place through a process, where water is added to the material and the curing takes place naturally without heat supply or other processing. This production process ensures minimal energy consumption and a very low impact on the environment.

Standard MgO Board


MGO BOARD contributes to a more efficient, profitable, environmentally and health-friendly construction production. It has excellent fire and sound properties, sensitive to moisture, very shock-resistant and produced entirely without environmentally and health-hazardous raw materials. This board is very easy to process, and can be advantageously cut and broken as a plasterboard.


Dimension (MM)Weight per board (KGS)Packing Quantity per pallet (PCS)
6x1220x244018120 and 150
10x1220x24403072 and 90
12x1220x24403660 and 75
12x1200x27004060 and 75
18x1220x24405540 and 50
20x1220x24406136 and 45


In many applications, MgO boards can be used in the same ways as gypsum and Portland cement sheathings. The substitution is not fully direct in terms of sheet thicknesses, fastening methods and joint treatments, but is very similar. This makes MgO board an easy product to use. The possible uses of MgO board are vast, and some of them include:

• In heat insulation as an exterior side coating

• In partition wall systems in interior locations (6-2mm)

• In construction of suspended ceilings (6-10mm)

• Raised floor construction (14mm and above)

• Used as roof sheathing panels (12-16mm)

• In construction of interior and exterior walls, floor and ceiling of light steel prefabricate buildings

• Fire protection of heavy steel buildings

• In furniture manufacturing (fireproof door, counter, cupboard, etc)